18 fevereiro 2008

Se tudo pudesse ser como na música...

Gift, The

Want to tell you that I love you because I really do.
Want to give you the answers if you ask me to.
Want to leave your door for the last time
Want to leave the floor for the first time.

Leave the boys, leave the girls, leave it all behind...
Trust your dreams, your thoughts it's a matter of time.
Run right, run left just don't look back...
Take this trip as your first step.

Because the tears that we waste only make us blow
Why we keep in Repeat this Antony song "forgive me, forgive me"
You know I need you there

You know why I tried to be simple
I tried a lie... everything is perfect from there
And you know I need you there.

Why don´t we try?
and break all the rules
forget the line.. everything´s perfect from there..
You know I need you there.

(Quinta, 7 Fevereiro 2008 às 12:25)

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